2018 – Welcome to Tech Trainers!

Tech Trainers is a partner business of Tech Teachers and is run by Matthew Hains, a teacher, speaker and a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

Tech Trainers provides ICT training for schools that are interested in the upskilling of staff and the professional technological development of teachers. One-on-one training is also available for individuals.

As a consultant, Matthew also provides solutions for schools and teachers by advising on methodology and how to implement technological aspects to teaching and classroom management.

Also, for students, is Kode Klub 4 Kids – teaching students the basics of coding/programming and inspiring future programmers and problem solvers!

As well as being an expert trainer and teacher with over 16 years of teaching experience, Matthew is also a sought-after motivational speaker. He provides various talks on topical and educational-related themes from Professional Collaboration among Peers to Social Media Education for kids in school.

An avid Computer Applications Technology teacher enthusiast, Matthew is a positive advocate for the inclusion of C.A.T. [Computer Applications Technology] in all schools as a mandatory subject.

Download the 2018 Tech Trainers Brochure or visit Tech Trainers for more information.