About Blogging : For Teachers – Part 5 of 10


Part 5 : Maintaining your blog

Starting a blog is easy. Keeping it going requires much more effort. It requires energy, time and constant passion and enthusiasm for your chosen topic/subject.

Consistency and relevance are two of the most important factors in maintaining a blog. The purpose of maintaining your blog is so that you retain readership and keep people coming back to read your next post.

10 Tips for maintaining your blog

  1. Keep your content fresh and relevant
  2. Be consistent in updating your blog
  3. Try to have posts scheduled in advance to give yourself a ‘buffer’ so you’re not always posting in ‘real-time’
  4. Decide on how frequently you want to update your blog, and stick to it
  5. Use Google Analytics or other tracking software to monitor visits to your site and see what the stats say about which posts people are reading and how long they’re staying on your site
  6. Have Twitter and Facebook linked to your WordPress account so you notify a greater audience of updates with little effort
  7. Use good quality graphics sourced from reputable sites with no licensing restrictions
  8. Link to relevant sites from your blog and try get others to link back to you too
  9. Keep posts short or paginate them to help readers get through your articles
  10. Dedicate time to your blog each day if possible


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