About Blogging : For Teachers – Part 6 of 10


Part 6 : Advertising & Marketing Your Blog

Getting your blog known in the vast ‘web-o-sphere’ is the next big task for the budding blogger.

As with all other tasks so far, it requires time and some effort to connect with others and a little bit of research into how one can market/advertise.

7 Tips for Marketing and Advertising Your Blog

  1. Connect your blog to Facebook and Twitter so that every time you publish something, the post is also posted on those social media outlets. Go to the Settings/Sharing section of your blog. {see this image}
  2. Network with other teachers in the same field, get them to mail your blog link to their colleagues or related subject teachers/advisors
  3. Tweet regularly, include a link to your blog and perhaps use a hashtag that can generate discussion
  4. Sign up with Google Adsense and place Google ads on your pages (not available on hosted WordPress.com sites) — This is covered in Part 7 of this course.
  5. Create a Facebook page/Google+ page/YouTube channel where you advertise your blog and postings regularly
  6. Link to as many relevant and useful sites as possible and try get as many of them to link back to you too
  7. Start up a mailing list with Mailchimp and start sending regular updates (not too often though) where you inform people of your latest posts and entice them to come back and read


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