About Blogging : For Teachers – Part 8 of 10


Part 8 : Blogging & Your Class/Subject

Think, before you start up your blog, who the audience is going to be. This is important because it will affect many aspects of your site such as what content you are going to place on the blog, how often you will update it, what kind of pages and information will be available etc.

Before you start your blog, identify the target group that the blog is going to be aiming at and establish the purpose of the blog. It’s no good starting up something for your students and you end up writing about your personal struggles as a teacher!

What Is The Purpose Of Your Site?

Your Class
Is your blog for you and your students? Will you be using it to communicate with them? What content will you post? Will you make assignments available to them to download and upload?

  • Information
  • Collaboration
  • Class management
  • Subject management
  • File management and class work administration
  • Bridge gap between class, student and parent
  • Publish newsletters, notes, links

Your Subject
Is your blog about your subject and teaching? Are you going to link with other teachers of your subject and share information?

  • Information
  • Collaboration with other teachers
  • Subject management
  • Sharing of knowledge and resources amongst other subject specialists
  • Share links to resources online
  • Generate discussions online on password-protected pages


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