About Blogging : For Teachers – Part 9 of 10


Part 9 : What NOT to do

“Once online, longer than a lifetime!”

So you have a blog! You have realised that a vast audience exists online and you are convinced that everyone is waiting to read every single word you type onto the screen.

Navigating this online culture requires some tact and knowledge of how people behave online. Knowing how teachers access and process information as compared to your students will help you as you blog to address the right audience the right way.

You are bound to make a mistake or two but we can learn from our mistakes! In the content below is some information on Do’s and Don’ts for blogging as a teacher.

Do's and Dont's


  • Not a personal blog – your personal life must be just that…personal!
  • No ranting or political opinions – you are not a politician.
  • No personal photos of yourself or family – I mean, what for?
  • No blogging on what you did today i.e. fed the dog, washed your car, went to see a movie…etc.. – again, what is the reason?
  • NO personal/off-topic discussions with or about students or parents or fellow teachers publicly on the blog – simply unprofessional and unethical.
  • Once online, longer than a lifetime! – Don’t post anything you’d regret!
  • No plagiarism or blatant post stealing – Unprofessional and lazy.

Blogging Tips

  • Don’t get discouraged if nobody reads your blog at first. Search engines take time to index and your content must also accumulate.
  • Don’t check stats every day! This can be depressing.
  • Don’t try make money right away, be people/learner-orientated first. You should not be teaching/blogging if you want to get rich quick!
  • Keep it clean, professional and not long-winded. We’re here to read blogs posts, not essays!
  • Use engaging headlines/titles and quality pictures. People are visual creatures and respond to information with imagery much more amicably.
  • Network with others! It’s how you grow.
  • MAKE time and enjoy blogging! Passion and enthusiasm at all times. If not, take a break till the passion comes back.
  • Discipline yourself to remain consistent in updating. Be responsible to those who actually take time to read your blog.


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