The Tech Teachers site/blog was created in 2012 by Matthew Hains.

Tech Teachers is a web site where teachers of Computer Applications Technology, Information Technology and Computer Literacy in South Africa can have access to centralised resources, materials and assessments created by teachers and shared by a generous community of teachers. There is also an online Facebook group where C.A.T. teachers can discuss class ideas, projects, challenges and proposals. The site encompasses a national community of teachers of computer subjects.

How did it start?

The idea for this website came about as the result of a successful Facebook group started by myself, where CAT and IT teachers were able to connect online and share resources and information with each other via shared cloud-based folders.

Soon it became evident that a Facebook group would not be sufficient to meet the needs of teachers who were not all necessarily on Facebook or had access to cloud-storage facilities.

The willingness of teachers to gladly contribute content to the cloud was overwhelming! And so, the Tech Teachers web site, consisting of hundreds of CAT teachers country-wide, was created to facilitate and champion the technology subjects we are passionate about.

The purpose of the site

  • Pool and share resources with teachers from all over the country
  • A forum for teachers to interact with each other
  • An environment to share materials amongst professionals
  • A community for teachers teaching Computer Applications Technology and ICT
  • Assist with course development and teacher training
  • Engage with a national community of teachers
  • Promote online collaboration between colleagues with the aim of working together to critique assessments and create materials and resources together

An example of a Living Lab

A Living Lab as a Smart Network of Knowledge. A Living Lab is regarded as “a real-life test and experimental Smart environment for various stakeholders where users and producers can co-create artefacts in various forms as well as knowledge, people networks, technologies and business processes using innovative processes and proper governance.”

The Tech Teachers site has been indicative of this structure from its inception and continues, along with its online community of over 1000 teachers, to serve as an example of community and collaboration.

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