C.A.T. Terminology App

Screenshot_2015-08-03-14-55-23At last! It is here!

Although initially planned as a Windows software application, my recent venture into the untested waters of mobile app development led me to the conclusion to adapt the collaborative project (put together by over 20 teachers!) and make it available as an ‘app’ instead.


The terminology list started as a shared Google Sheets document which any teacher could access and add information to. I asked teachers, who could find a few minutes to spare, to check out the list and add in a definition/explanation and a link for the user to get more info if they so desired.

Over the course of many months, teachers would access the Google Sheets document and add information. The collaborative efforts of many teachers came to fruition in the form of a very big terminology list which is now available to everyone in the form of a mobile app for Android devices.

What about IOS?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the $99/year that Apple require for a developer to be able to make their IOS apps available. I am, therefore, unable to provide an IOS version of the app. Perhaps next year I shall explore further options with IOS in the mix as well!

I intend to make the app available online, accessible via a web browser thereby opening access to any device with a browser.

Early phase

This was a massive project to undertake and is far from finished. BUT, it illustrates what is possible when teachers work together! Without the help of over 20 teachers all around the country, this app would probably not exist!

I would still like to finish the app with the following aspects in mind:

  • All terms defined
  • Information on each term provided
  • URL to futher information online for each term

Why release an unfinished app?

The app is not unfinished. Yes, there are still parts that require filling in. But all terms are listed and are easily accessible. The app requires further completion but I can only do that as time permits – I am a full-time teacher you know!

Thank you

The following teachers are to be thanked for their efforts:

Gail Rose-Innes, Yvonne Smith, Charles Smith, Lex Faure, Louis Mare, Martin Venske, Frances Vorster, Beverley Reed, Hestie de Waal, Tshepo Thuleli, Edward Gentle, Denise Jarvis, Marthie De Wet, Laurietta Goosen, Claire Pattle, Bernard Gosling, Brandon Rennie, Moyna Joseph, Henriette van Wyk, Alet Marais, Keith Gibson, Eddie Wille, Beverley Reed, Pierre de Wet, Anna Nel, Claire Smuts, Rita Davidson, Lynette Grové, Wynn Haupt, Magda Dorfling, Leandré Smith, Gaye Pieterse.

Go get it