My C.A.T. Checklist app

MatstApps_128I have continued delving into the mobile app development scene and created my fifth app that I hope students, and even teachers, can make use of.

The “My C.A.T. Checklist” app is a complete listing of all the skills for each software application covered in Computer Applications Technology.

The app allows one to see a list of skills required (as per CAPS) for each application. If you tap on a skill, it marks it as done so you can keep track of your journey through this awesome subject.

I have also included a Resources section with links to my other apps and also links to online resources which can assist a student when they are studying, revising or trying to get their head around a concept in C.A.T.

There a few ‘glitches’ to iron out. The app doesn’t remember the struck-out items if you shut down the app (yes, I know….I’m working on it ok?). And, sometimes, it doesn’t strike out the main point when all sub-points have been struck out…I’m also working on that…

Here are some screenshots from the app. It is for Android devices only as I do not have an Apple Developer licence yet.

Screenshot_2016-09-05-15-56-02 Screenshot_2016-09-05-15-56-06 Screenshot_2016-09-05-15-56-18 Screenshot_2016-09-05-15-56-22 Screenshot_2016-09-05-16-02-22

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