Why C.A.T.? — An online shared OneNote notebook for CAT teachers

Many teachers are battling to convince their schools, learners, parents and principals of the vital importance of a subject like Computer Applications Technology. This baffles the brain...that we even have to try and convince anyone that C.A.T. is an essential subject!

When someone says their school doesn't have CAT

I have created an online OneNote notebook that teachers can access and edit (to add materials and notes). Feel free to access the notebook and use the information therein to reinforce the necessity of Computer Applications Technology to be included or maintained in one's school. If you don't know how to use OneNote online, please consider accessing Microsoft Education and do their free OneNote course!

I have also added a Grid on my Flipgrid page where teachers can leave their thoughts in brief video responses. https://flipgrid.com/24afef

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