The C.A.T. Selfie Challenge

A beautiful teacher selfie![Re-posted from last year]

Now, here’s an idea to get your students to engage with physical hardware that we discuss in ‘theory’ lessons.

Seeing that many teens today seem to love taking pictures of themselves, why not combine that love with our Computer Applications Technology content and actual pieces of hardware with a minor research element thrown in as well?

I came up with an idea that I thought would be interesting to try out to see if it would help aid the understanding of some areas of the Hardware and Networking sections of C.A.T.

The C.A.T. selfie challenge

The objective is simple : take a photo of yourself with each piece of hardware from a supplied list. Upload, tag and share! Submit the pic with the details of the hardware and a URL to the shared image/s.

This sort of activity requires social networking skills and research skills. Your students are required to find the pieces of hardware and gather information on that hardware.

Members of the Tech Teachers web site can download a PDF and editable Word file below. Enjoy and share with everyone!

CAT Selfie Challenge

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