C.A.T. Terminology Revision Application – Collaboration

Next collaboration project starts NOW! (When you’re NOT marking!)
I have sifted through nearly 1000 words, put them in categories and grades (thanks to Gary Blieden’s spreadsheet) and now I need to add definitions/explanations and a ‘more info’ link.

This sheet is accessible by anyone in the group – do not share – and can be edited by anyone – be careful!

When the database is ready, it is going to be put into an application I am working on in Delphi for everyone to use! The app will be for sale but anyone who contributes in helping gets a free copy!

Go to the sheet, edit away. Please check spelling! And follow the guidelines on the first worksheet! Don’t sort, don’t delete etc.. just add definitions/explanations and a URL (if you can) to a web site/page with more information should the student/teacher require more info.

Only members of the site and the Facebook group will have access.

Go edit the Sheet now!


  1. Confused! ?

    Do I need to reregister?
    From above:

    “The rest of this content is for members. Memberships expired in December 2014 and have to be renewed. See links below. About Membership How To Register ”

    What LINK below???

  2. I just want access to the Terminology list once again……. Were is it? I’ll happily contribute!