You can take a horse to the water…

horse-iconMy fellow teachers: Do not be discouraged by your learners’ results, performance or attitude. As teachers we do far more than is required and go the extra mile in so many instances. You can take a horse to the water…

I do not believe that the results of our students are an entire reflection of our teaching ability or an accurate measurement of our skills. CAT and IT are subjects that require constant use (just like Math!) and practice in order to master the practical skills needed to succeed.

I have seen in my students that those who do not use the skills we are teaching them, do poorly in their practical and theory exams. It is very frustrating. I don’t have the answer but shall remain positive for my subject and the raising of its status amongst other subjects! I will continue to teach to the best of my ability and not allow my students’ results to get the better of me but rather strive to make the results better than me!

[Play awe-inspiring music in the background and read this all again!]

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  1. Dito to your concerns my friend.
    A glass of good wine works wonders for my moral – that is @ an alltime low by the time I get home in the evenings.
    Not even a good run or a workout @ the gym helps anymore!