CAPS skillset layout for C.A.T.

For Computer Applications Technology, I have made a complete list of all the practical application skills a teacher needs to cover to be fully compliant with the CAPS requirements.

This is now in an APP that I made! Check it out!

It’s handy to have as a checklist or even as a planner for your year in terms of your practical application content.

The documents I made come in two versions. One is a list format and the other is in tabular format (see pictures below).

screenshot_Mon_Feb_08_22.29.38 screenshot_Mon_Feb_08_22.29.53 screenshot_Mon_Feb_08_22.27.16 screenshot_Mon_Feb_08_22.27.46

Members of the site can download the files below which contain the editable Word and PDF versions below.

Applications skillsets – Tabular

Applications skillsets – Lists

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  1. Greetings
    I am a member of echTeachersI tried to download the CAT complete list tabular form.
    The download starts, then freezes.
    This is not the first time
    Is this because I am trying to download on a Mac in Firefox?
    Please advise
    Cheryl Holder
    Hope school