Cars! Data data data…

Invaluable to the Computer Applications Technology teacher are spreadsheets filled with DATA! Being able to manipulate data with the functions the students learn in the CAPS setup is so much more beneficial with real data that is meaningful and relevant.

I have added a folder to the Resources section for members called “Data data data” and I have, today, added a Zip file called Cars. It contains various statistics on cars in the UK (sorry, didn’t find anything local!) from the UK Government web site and it’s absolutely fantastic to use.

I will be creating some activities based on these sheets and sharing them when they are ready!

You can do anything : mail merge, filtering, sorting, vlookups, conditional formatting, sumif, count functions and more!

Members of the site can go ahead and download below.


zip-iconCar statistics tables, produced by the Department for Transport.

If you want to know where I got the data from , you can access that file and many more here :

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