CAT and the ‘Designated’ list

Dear All

The number of schools offering CAT and the number of learners taking CAT have declined over the past few years. Learners have probably already made their subject choices for next year and your 2018 numbers might be less than your 2017 numbers. The decline has been chiefly ascribed to the fact that CAT is not on the “Designated List” and so mistakenly circuit managers/governing bodies/principals/parents/learners think that the subject does not count for university entrance. The latter is just not true!

You will know that a lot of behind the scenes work has been done by the subject specialists at the DBE whose subjects do not appear on the “Designated List”.

We need to thank all concerned, in the case of CAT it is Ms Carina Labuscagne, as their hard work has started to pay off – a decision in principle has been taken by the Department of Higher Education & Training and the Department of Basic Education to completely do away with the “Designated List”. The process of changing policy will now have to kick in and this can sometimes take a while.

In the interests of the subject please encourage your current learners to continue, encourage those Grade 8 and 9 learners at your school to take the subject, and talk to your school principal if there is any thought on possibly dropping the subject.

Schools will be officially notified in due course, that is once the policy has been changed.