CAT Grade 10 Cycle test and class test for Term 1

I have just finished setting a Grade 10 cycle test for my students covering some theory and practical of what we have covered so far. I also added a general class test (theory) covering modules 1 to 4 of the Study Opportunities textbook. They are basic but cover the knowledge that the students just starting Computer Applications Technology should know.

These files are available here:

Cycle test

Class test

Enjoy! Feel free to modify and improve for yourself!


  1. Hi
    Is it possible of the tests to be translate in Afrikaans? Or do you know who can do this ?

    • Hi Ann, that would be great. I am unable to do so. Everything here is from teachers for teachers. It depends on the willingness and time/availability of Afrikaans-speaking teachers.

  2. I’m willing to help with the translations. I am teaching in Afrikaans and English in one class. E-mail the content that youneant to translated as soon as possible. Henriette van Wyk

  3. Please explain to me why RTT/CAT is taught in Afrikaans. It is so much easier to teach this subject in English. At our school our learners do CAT and not RTT. The Arikaans learners have no problem understanding the subject.

    I suppose it helps that we are situated in East-Londen, which is predominently and “English” city.