CAT Grade 11 Cycle Test 2 added (Term 3)

I have added a Grade 11 Cycle test the Tech Teachers shared folders.

Content covered from the Study Opportunities Grade 11 CAT textbook:

  • Module 1.4 – Software
  • Module 1.5 – Computer management
  • Module 2.3 – Online lifestyle
  • Module 3.6 – Mail merge

It consists of three sections. The first two sections are theory and the third is a practical mail merge component. All data files and a memo with the final outcome data is available.

The test is out of 75 and I think students would definitely need a good hour to do it.

The file location is
\\CAT\Assessments\Cycle Tests\Grade11\2013\

Feel free to use, modify, redistribute as needed! I welcome your thoughts on the paper and any suggestions/improvements that can be made. Thank you so much.

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