CAT Theory Flashcards – Afr & Eng

Grade 12 DBE

Thanks to the terminology list on Study Opportunity’s home page and with the help of the assistants sponsored by the DBE (specifically Kerry-Ann Oelofse), we’ve got a great new resource to help our matric learners to study theory – terminology flashcards!

But these aren’t just any flashcards, they are CRAM flashcards – they work on the website or on the app (in that case just search ‘Study Opps’). The wonderful thing about CRAM is that you can set it to help you memorise, choose whether you want to see the definition or the term first and then you can say whether you got it right or wrong. Come the second round, you’ll only see the cards you got wrong. That’s where the magic of CRAM comes in.

Hope you enjoy them! Please send suggestions for improvements or corrections to

English Afrikaans
Hardware (Study Opps) Hardeware (Study Opps)
Software (Study Opps) Sagteware (Study Opps)
Networks & internet (Study Opps) Netwerke & Internet (Study Opps)
Cyber Security (Study Opps) Kuber Sekuriteit (Study Opps)
Information Management (Study Opps) Inligtingbestuur (Study Opps)
Social implications (Study Opps) Sosiale implikasies (Study Opps)
Word, Excel, Access, HTML (Study Opps) Word, Excel, Access, HTML (Study Opps)


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