CAT Theory Revision Google Forms

The forms are finally ready!

At last, the Theory Revision forms are ready for Grade 12 CAT students (available in Afrikaans and English). Other grades can use it, but won’t be able to answer all the questions as these forms contain the short questions from the past 9 DBE papers.

FYI, if one fills in this form on a smartphone the process of filling in one form and viewing your results, only consumes about 2MB of data. Thus, with a minimal data bundle of 20MB (@ R4 for a daily bundle e.g. on Cell-C) the learner can complete all the forms and view their results.

I’m going to encourage my learners to complete one form a day until they manage to score perfect marks for each questionnaire.

Click here to see an example:

If you would like a copy of these forms, fill in this form to gain access:

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