Why CAT?

Why CATA presentation I made in 2013 to show to the Grade 9’s why they should choose CAT as a subject. It worked! I had more Grade 10’s the next year doing CAT than previous years!

It’s a PowerPoint file that you can use to show to your Grade 9’s some of the misconceptions of the subject and help them to make up their minds when deciding in which subjects to choose.Here is the presentation in video format, without the “SHIFT happens” video which I also show (as part of the presentation).

I also embedded the “SHIFT happens” video as part of it (not viewable in this version). So, you might want to use that video too!





  1. Excellent powerpoint presentation. It worked. Our CAT numbers dropped over the last two years. I did this presentation last week. There are more learners know that wants to take CAT. (problem is too many learners, how do I choose?)