Classroom ideas

Having started teaching in a new classroom, I find myself having to make myself at home and decorate it a bit! So, I have started gathering materials that I can use in my teaching and also to make the environment of my class a positive and interesting learning experience.

I have my always-popular Wall of ‘Excel’lence. I made a face of out of a stick of RAM, 3 CMOS batteries, 2 NIC Port covers and a Sata cable. I took a desktop tower unit (empty) and glued various components to the outside of it. I opened up a Hard Disk Drive and made a makeshift hinge with cardboard and cellotape.

I don’t want my decorations to be just aesthetic, I want them to be usable as well so I can teach with them. It’s actually a lot of fun making them. I would go so far as to make a suggestion for a lesson to be where the learners take computer components and build something from them but then also research what each component does.