Computer-illiterate teachers

facebook-iconA very interesting discussion going on in the CAT & IT Teachers Facebook group about the staff in one’s school and the level of computer literacy/competency.

What are the staff in your school like with regards to computer literacy/competency and do they use technology in their teaching?

I started off the topic by posting this:

“I am curious. Please respond below without citing people or schools by name but rather just relate your experience. I have seen in my own school how many teachers (especially in the high school) are very computer illiterate. My aim is to empower them to become much more familiar with technology not just for their own personal growth but more-so that their teaching would be enhanced and that they would make use of technology in the class with their students.

Many of my colleagues do not even know how to switch on a computer, type a document, print a document, use a Flash disk, check their email etc.. They run the other way when technology is near. I do not understand this. How can one, in today’s technological age, (AND one who is a teacher!) say that they do not know how to use a computer?

Does anyone else find the same in their schools? Are the majority of your teachers computer/technology-illiterate? Does your school insist that all teachers, regardless of the subject they teach, at least have a basic understanding of hardware and software so as to be able to use a computer for their teaching and their interaction with colleagues etc.?

Thank you.”

Feel free to join in the conversation if you’re on Facebook or comment below on this post instead. Please don’t mention names of schools or individuals and try find the positive if you can!

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