DBE CAT Gr 12 PAT 2019

By Claire Smuts

“Houston, the Eagle has landed.” The eagerly anticipated 2019 Gr 12 PAT has been released!

First of all, I hope everyone is as positive about the topic as I am. “Save our planet” might not be the most exciting topic, but it’s a breeze to research.

You can find the PAT task and all relevant documentation here (under Gr 12 / PAT 2019). Fotiene Avrakotos presented excellent teacher training which you can find here.

Some more good news…

Now you thought that was all the good news you would get today, right? Wrong!

Last year I had a matric group of 90 students, so there was just no way on earth I could give them all the help they needed. The solution was to make videos, teaching and showing them exactly what I would have in class, had I had the time to help them individually.

This year I’m making the videos in English so that everyone can use them (also available for offline download). I’ll record videos for Phase 2 around March/April and Phase 3 by the end of May.

Now, I know most of us expects learners to be lazy. I can tell you, this group was just as lazy as any other Gr 10 or 11 group. Last year was different though – when I gave them videos to work from instead of a PowerPoint, their marks improved significantly. I think that overwhelmed feeling they got with the PAT, simply vanished. Out of 90 students, I just had 4 that needed extra prodding to complete the steps – the rest all followed the instructions to the T!

I hope these videos make just as much of a difference to your learners’ marks as it did for mine. This is by far the easiest way to improve your school’s pass-rate. If they made a difference, please take the time to leave a comment on the videos.