Delphi activity – perimeter fencing application

Document-Flow-Chart-iconHere is another Grade 10 Delphi IT activity you can work with. This program calculates the perimeter of an area after the user inputs two measurements (length and width). It works out the cost per meter and also any applicable price reductions and discounts based on certain criteria.

This activity is also based on an activity I saw in the Delphi for CAPS textbook by Marina Myburgh.

Flowchart of the program


It requires the use of nested IF statements as there are three different criteria in the program. Some of the conditions are as follows:

  • For perimeters less than 40 meters, R11 per meter, no discount
  • For perimeters less than 100 meters, R9 per meter and a 5% discount
  • For perimeters over 100 meters, R9 per meter and a 10% discount

Download the project files including the flowchart and pseudocode below.

Download the project files here

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