Designated or not, University and APS

The debate continues but I have seen, over the last few years, a changing of the tides in the sea of the “designated” versus “non-designated” discussions and perceptions.

At the IEB CAT Conference in February 2017, delegates were privileged to have had a keynote speaker with incredible insight and experience in the realm of academics, universities and computer science. The speaker was Prof. Zak Nel, a fantastic speaker and incredibly motivating persona whose every word was eaten up by all the teachers who have ever had to defend the subject of CAT in discussions of university entry and APS calculations.

I think, and most teachers from the conference would agree, that Prof. Nel put to rest many myths and ill-perceived conceptions of CAT and university entry.

I have a folder in the Resources section (for site members) called CAT Subject Motivation. In there are articles, information, presentations and more to help dispel the misconceptions of LO teachers, Principals, students and parents.

See the screenshot on the right for what is in the folder


The latest material to be added comes straight from Prof. Nel himself!
Titled “Designated versus Non-designated subjects : Making informed choices when choosing subjects for Grade 10

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