Exam material on the way – Exam season begins!


Very happy to say that I am in the process of gathering lots of previous free exam papers for CAT and they will be available soon in the Tech Teachers Shared Folders on copy.com. There actually are loads of exams online for teachers to download but finding them takes time and navigating certain sites can require a degree in web site navigation! My aim is to try get all the papers that teachers can use in one place, saving teachers time from hunting from one site to another.

I am focusing on CAT Grade 12 first and will then work on Grade 11 and 10 next. I hope to do IT next but could really use the help of another teacher or two if you have the precious stuff called “time”!


  1. Thanks Matt – a great resource – just wish there was more for IT 🙁
    But I will start sourcing and uploading as soon as I can.

    • Thanks Lex, I have loads of CAT material but not so much IT. I rely on teachers submitting content, especially IT as I do not teach IT.