Excel Functions ~ Text manipulation

Mr Brandon Long is a Computer and IT teacher from South Africa. He teaches Computer Application Technology and Information Technology to Grades 10 (age 16) to Grade 12 (age 18) at a high school.

How to use Microsoft Excel functions to manipulate text like LEN, FIND, LEFT, RIGHT, MID, &, UPPER

His channel is designed to provide help and support for those interested these computer subjects and be a supplementary learning aid. Please like the videos you found helpful and leave comments with your views and suggestions.


  1. i have been trying to download cyle test for grade 11 and 12, but I was unable, can’t you help me. Also I saw videos for Excel but the screen went when I was trying to open them, what is that I am failing on.

    • Hi there, which ones? What links did you use? Please be aware of a site issue with Internet Explorer. I recommend Firefox or Chrome.