For the PAT learners – Finding the date a document was published

When researching for one’s PAT (Practical Assessment Task for Computer Applications Technology students), the date a document was last updated/modified is required to assess the validity of that information. However, what does one do when the web page or article has no date of publication or update?

Watch this cool trick I learned to reveal the date a document or page was last created/updated/modified.

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Here is that sequence again

  1. Copy the original URL
  2. Go to a Google search text box
  3. Type inurl: and put the URL directly after that (no spaces)
  4. Run the search
  5. In the returned URL (in the address bar), paste &as_qdr=y15 at the end of the URL and hit Enter again
  6. You should have a search result now with the date displayed (as in the video)

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