Gathering, Processing, Analysing & Presenting data in 10 Steps

A very simple activity to get my Grade 10’s to think a little bit! The goal of this exercise is to get them used to the process they will be employing when it is time to do their PAT in Grade 12. I have kept a logical process in place to aid them in their thought processes.

They have to answer a main question by gathering data via the use of an online form. But before they even create the form, they first have to address some basic questions. Then they need to create the form, send it out and gather the data. Once the data has been gathered, it needs to be put into a spreadsheet for processing and analysing. Then, the results can be presented in presentation software.

Although the beginning of this activity is quite easy, it very quickly dawns on the student that quite a bit of thinking and planning must take before they even ask anyone any questions! It also demonstrates that the more relevant the questions are, the better the results and presentation are going to be.

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