Good luck for the exams 2016

Posted on the C.A.T. Teachers Facebook group

“Good luck to all teachers for this exam season!

Remember to not be despondent based on the performance of your students. It is NOT a reflection on you (unless you really suck as a teacher and should be somewhere else instead of the classroom!).

Continue to see Computer Applications Technology as an absolutely essential subject for life and teach it that way. Talk about it that way and defend it at all costs!

Raise the bar in terms of your assessments and expectations of your students, regardless of their academic abilities. Never be content with rote answers and apathy from your students.Show them their future without this knowledge you give…

Continue to wear down the antagonistic and pessimistic attitudes of those in positions of authority that may not see C.A.T. as the incredibly useful subject that it already is – be professional about it and act professional! And stop moaning!

SHARE YOUR STUFF!!! Share with other C.A.T. teachers, learn from each other, improve and enhance, grow! The Tech Teachers website is open from January for all to upload and download freely but PLEASE don’t be scared to share! Too many teachers have too many reasons to explain why they don’t share – but you can’t swim if you don’t just jump in! You won’t drown, we’re all here to help you!

Good luck everyone and thank you so far for another incredible year of support, sharing, growth for C.A.T. teachers country-wide! I’ve met so many wonderful teachers and have learnt so much, thank you.”

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