Grade 10 Excel Activity – different idea

Here is an idea I had and it proved to be a successful one. I gave my Grade 10’s an Excel activity to do in class. This time, I decided to try something different. I gave them the questions, the Excel file and I made a video clip for each question, showing how to do it. I found they really enjoyed the video clips as it either taught them something, or validated what they already knew!

I asked them to try three things with each question.

  1. Attempt the question.
    Don’t give up after 1 minute, don’t ask for help. Just try do it on your own, figure it out!
  2. Watch the video clip I provided for that specific question.
  3. Do the question, if they did not get it right or did not do it at all.

I have made the activity available (with permission from the original author) and provided the video clips I made in the Shared resources folder (look under CAT/Activities).