Grade 11 Theory Test uploaded

I have added another Grade 11 test to the Tech Teachers shared Copy folders. With much thanks to Moyna Joseph. For access to the Tech Teachers shared Copy folders, visit the Downloads page for more information.

Scope of the test

  • Local area networks (LAN and WLAN)
    • Definitions and where and why they are used?
    • Definition, purpose, role, uses
    • Advantages/Disadvantages/Limitations
  • Intranet – Definition. Uses
  • Basic network security such as passwords, usernames and access rights
  • Basic components of a network– Overview and concepts
    • Workstations and servers
    • Network interface card (NIC)
    • Network devices for connection
    • Communication medium
    • Network software
  • Connection
    • Wired vs. wireless
    • Data transmission speed
  • Types of digital communications: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), FTP, video conferencing, chat rooms, RSS aggregator
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • Good practices
  • Overview of online services such as banking, shopping, booking/reservations
  • Uses of computer communications: social websites
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • Good practices
    • Examples
  • Limitations of fixed Internet access
  • Overview of portable and mobile Internet access (basic concepts – What is it? Where is it used? Examples)
    • Wi-Fi Hotspots, WiMAX, Bluetooth
    • Portable and mobile – 3G
    • Cellular data service
      • Cell phone as a modem
      • Browser and email software
      • Website accessibility
  • Managing e-mail:
    • Organise using e-mail folders
    • Sort by, flag, prioritise
    • Distribution lists, message rules

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