Grade 11/12 Excel Test added

I have created an Excel test for Grade 11/12. It’s a relatively simple test but does require some thought and concentration to get it all right. You can use it for Grade 11 and also for Grade 12.

Skillls covered

  • IF statements
  • Nested IF statements
  • Conditional formatting
  • Various COUNT functions
  • Cell formatting

CaptureQuestion paper supplied, a working MEMO and the student spreadsheet are all supplied.


Available in the Resources section of the Tech Teachers web site for members.


  1. HI Matt

    Which folder is this saved in? When I link from tech teachers it always asks me to verify my email address and then I have to browse to find the file. Thanks Claire

    • Sorry Claire, I forgot to add that. I am still figuring out the security settings of

      The location : CAT\Assessments\General Assessments\Grade 11\