Grade 7 CAT PowerPoint Activity

Hyperlinking and Animation Triggers

I created a “memory game” in PowerPoint for my Grade 7’s. The objective is to use animations, animation triggers and the selection pane to create the game. It’s basic but helps to teach the skills of linking, animating with a trigger to begin the animation and a logical animation timeline. It also helps with the planning of the concept of a game and the use of flowcharts can be introduced.

Here’s a video preview of the game

A few things to keep in mind to make it practical

Disable mouse clicking on all slides

This makes it more difficult to ‘cheat’ in the game and enforces the use of hyperlinks on the correct objects. The first slide can be allowed unless a ‘Begin’ button is used to move on to the next slide.

Name the objects on your slide/s

As you add more objects onto a slide, Microsoft PowerPoint automatically names them. With many objects to work with, it can be a bit tricky to keep track of them all. Use the selection pane to rename objects, particularly buttons, so that it’s easier when adding animations and triggers.

Correct linking

Link the ‘wrong’ options to the ‘Wrong’ slide and the correct card to the ‘Right’ slide. It is not necessary, for this game, to have a ‘wrong’ slide for each wrong card. Also, don’t forget a button on the ‘right’ slide to finish/quit the presentation.

Members of the Tech Teachers web site can download the PowerPoint file with images and editable slides using the link below. The files are also available in the Tech Teachers shared resources.