The great “Why CAT?” video idea

The great "Why CAT?" movie

As part of my initiative to increase the awareness of the essential subject that I believe Computer Applications Technology is, I have decided to make a short video to go along with my “Why CAT?” Presentation.

It will consist of students from schools all over the country who have taken CAT and saying, in their own words, what their experience of the subject has been and why they feel that they have benefited from taking it. I would also like to be able to showcase students who have gone into university and beyond and gather their thoughts on the usefulness of the subject in relation to where they are now.

YouTubeThis is not going to be a “professional production” by any means but rather an informal and, hopefully, informative video that can be used by CAT teachers everywhere to boost the perception of the subject amongst Grade 8’s and 9’s.


I am going to take the next few months to get content together and continue to ask for video and written submissions over the beginning of the new term in 2014. I hope to have a completed product by the end of the first term in 2014.

Can you help?

If you have a video recorder/camcorder or a decent phone camera that can take videos of an acceptable quality, please consider taking a few clips of your CAT students answering some of the questions (to be provided). I will create a secure folder that teachers can access and upload their videos to. If students do not want to be video’d, then I will also accept written testimonials that I can use as part of the video.

Watch this space

I will be providing more information once I have formulated my idea thoroughly and then will post again with all the documents and details (video quality, length, dimensions, questions, composition, student permission disclaimers etc.) that teachers will need so we can make a truly, wholly representative “Why CAT?” video!

In the meantime, let your mind start ticking over with ideas and feel free to suggest anything to me at any time. Also, if you’re as excited about your subject as I am and would like to assist me, I would really appreciate it. Drop me an email on

What about IT?

If you’re an IT teacher and would like to be able to do a “Why IT?” video, please contact me. I’d love to help!


  1. totally toooooooo shy to be in a video, but am available to assist behind the scenes, as both a CAT & IT teacher!