The HTML for Teachers course was run in March 2014. To get a feel of what the course was like, here are some quotes from teachers who attended the course:

“The hands on approach was important to “do and practice” I feel more confident because of this…will also be much more aware of difficulties and mistakes the girls are bound to make”

“I enjoyed how interactive the course was and the way it was progressively presented. The class size was very manageable too. I left the course feeling confident in my ability to do basic HTML and to be able to teach it to my learners.”

“All was good. Thank you! The timing was good, not rushed”

“The interactions between us and Matt. It was hands-on! Matt explained properly and then we tried to apply the skills he patiently answered our many many questions and the resources etc. are amazing. This was the best planned and best presented courses I’ve attend by far!”

“Being interactive. After each element was explained we could try it ourselves.”

“The good facilitator well prepared. Good power point which we can refer back to. Relaxed atmosphere”

“It was hands on and I learnt a lot by doing the tasks as we went through the different concepts. Time Management was good as well.”

“The hands on. Everything that you done was practice and that make it more understandable.”

“Thank you!!! It really helped. We are swamped and it helps when someone knowledgably tutors you.”

“Matt, thank you very much for your efforts, your selflessness and creative way of teaching. Thank you for sharing and helping all of us. I appreciate it!!”

“Very efficient and learningfull. Thanks”

“Thank you very much for this course. It was very informative and I feel empowered to teach HTML now.”

“Please organize more courses. It was an excellent experience thank you. Well done.”