IEB CAT PAT 2017 Electronic marksheet

For IEB schools doing their Matric 2017 PATs with their students. I have created an electronic version of the printed Task Assessment Tools rubrics. The spreadsheet-based marksheet is based directly on the printed version. This is an optional version that you can choose to use. You are still welcome to use the printed document.

Everything is check-box driven. Marks are calculated automatically and the final marks page automatically generated for you. You will need Microsoft Excel 2013 or later.

At the moment, it’s only in English but I have an Afrikaans teacher busy translating it for me.

The sheets are all locked so you don’t mess anything up but are not password-protected so you can always unlock if you want to make any changes of your own.


Download here —> Surname Name – PAT 2017 Marksheet

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  1. Hi Matt,
    Iris again. Do IEB grade 12 students need to do databases as part of their PAT?