Interactive IEB CAT SAGs file for teachers and learners

I took the new IEB Computer Applications Technology Subject Assessment Guidelines (CAT SAGs as we know them) and thought of a way I could present them in a more interactive and useful manner that a teacher or a learner could make use of it.

And here it is!

I have created a completely interactive PowerPoint show that you can go through which contains all the content contained in the SAGs document with regards to the Portfolios and Assessments.

I have also included hyperlinks links to external content, most of it in the Theory section, and links to video tutorials in the Practical section.

Note! This is for IEB schools.

Below are some screenshots and a download link if you want to download the file.

The SAGs document is available on the IEB web site. It is not available with my file due to IP and copyright.

Before you download, it works best on machines that have Office 2016/Office 365 (so you can see the funky slide transitions!).


Download the IEB CAT SAGs interactive file

Read the fineprint!

The IEB SAGs document is to be read in conjunction with the CAT CAPS document. The SAGs document is available for registered teachers in the IEB Document Library. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this document is complete, Matthew Hains will not be held liable for any errors or omissions. This interactive presentation is an overview and is meant to accompany the IEB SAGs document.

Matthew Hains and this file do not represent the IEB in any way and no affiliation to the IEB is inferred by the creation of this file.

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