Inter-House Quiz Scorekeeper Part 1 of 2

Quiz-GamesI love Delphi! I am in the process of creating an application that a user can use for our upcoming Inter-House Quiz night. The objective of the application is simple : Record the scores for each team in the quiz, display current scores during the quiz and then display the winner at the end. This is a great project for your Grade 10 Delphi students!

I have tried to make it as simple to use as possible by doing the following:

  • Left-click the team logo to add a point
  • Right-click the team logo to subtract a point
  • Feature to change the number of points questions are worth
  • Reset all scores to zero option
  • Button to display current scores
  • Button to display the final winner

Still to develop:

  • Automatically showing the House winner and their logo on the Winner form.
  • Being able to export the results to a CSV or Text File

Keep your eyes open!
I’ll post again with the finished product in a week or two from now!





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