IOS7 for Mac users is now out

iOS7_Homescreen_PressimageAs a CAT teacher, one tends to focus primarily on Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows. Teachers who are Mac users are far and few between, nevermind Linux!

I use Windows, Mac and Linux. When teaching my students I try to expose them to the fact that there ARE other operating systems out there and each have their pros and cons. It’s good to be experienced in, or at least be exposed to, different operating systems. The world does not actually revolve around Microsoft! 🙂

Take a look at VirtualBox, where you can load different OS’s and your students can actually try using a different OS for a change. Linux Ubuntu is very easy to install and use.

Saying that, I’d like to point out that the new operating system upgrade for mobile Apple devices is now available. I just upgraded my iPhone and it looks pretty good so far!

Go take a look at MyBroadBand’s press release here :

And if, like me, you’re also trying to figure out what has changed (as quite a bit has, from what I can see), then check out this site :

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