Javascript and me

So, I’ve decided to pick JavaScript as my language of choice when preparing to create online and mobile apps. It’s much easier to get one’s head around and the learning curve is gentle (at the start).

I present to you my first foray into the world of JavaScript : A Math Addition Revision thingy!

At the moment, it’s just a HTML page with CSS and Javascript BUT for the low footprint of only 14kb, it’s a great tool to use to practice adding numbers together! Ok, granted, I know this is not anything ground-breaking or new but the possibilities to be able to teach JavaScript to my students are now beginning to appeal to me.

The code is anything but pretty and I’m quite sure that the IT teachers will pick out many flaws and identify ways in which I could have streamlined certain processes. But, remember, this is my FIRST time using JavaScript in a fully-fledged application environment and I am just so happy it actually works!

Here are some screenshots:

You can try out the actual working version here

Download the files here and have a play yourself or give it to your IT students to take apart:

Download —>

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