Learning advanced skills through PowerPoint

I will be attending the Microsoft E2 Hack The Classroom Educators Exchange Summit in Toronto, Canada, next week! It’s a massive event with over 300 educators from around the world all being exposed to new ideas, new trends, the future of education and the possibilities with Microsoft in education. I was selected as one of 5 Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts in South Africa to be a part of the summit.

“The E2 – Educator Exchange is Microsoft in Education’s annual event recognizing and celebrating the achievements of educators who combine content, pedagogy, and technology in exemplary ways to prepare students for success. This event brings together the most innovative educators from around the world to collaborate, create, and share their experiences on how to integrate technology and pedagogy to advance learning, achieve student outcomes, and transform education.”

A rather nerve-wracking part of the summit involves me having to set up a little stand and chat to other fellow educators, dignitaries and Microsoft Education experts about a lesson or activity involving a Microsoft product (preferably). So, I took an activity that I often use with my students which involves the use of PowerPoint and made an instruction demonstration file and video.


What I love about PowerPoint is the ability of the program to provide much more than what is seen on the surface. I like to show my students that it is indeed a very powerful application, capable of making presentations come alive and become interactive. Animations, although subtle, can be used effectively to enhance content and guide the user.

I like to touch on things that a lot of ‘average’ users of PowerPoint wouldn’t normally know about or use much, for example : animation triggers, multi-animations on a single slide with named objects, advanced image editing, hyperlinks and navigation.

Below is the PowerPoint show file (for members of Tech Teachers) and some slide samples. The PowerPoint show demonstrates some of the skills I cover before giving my students their task. The task is based on a simple concept of creating a game (quiz, test, story etc.) using PowerPoint exclusively and being able to have an “If – Then – Else”-approach to the planning and design. My notes, included in the download links below, detail further information on each slide.

I hope this inspires you to look at PowerPoint with a fresh pair of eyes and renewed passion to include it in your teaching.

Download the PowerPoint show Download the slide thumbnails with extra text notes

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