Learning to type online

keyboard keysAs a Computer Applications Technology teacher, I know that typing is a skill that is no longer relegated to the office secretary. Typing is a core skill in the inputting of data into computer systems today and being able to type well is a key for speed and efficiency.

There are hundreds of typing tutor applications available on the market today. Some you pay for, some are free, some are shareware. logoI have found one Called Typing Web. It’s an online service where you can register your students and give them each a username and password.

The students can log in, work their way through the excellent tutorials and you can keep track of their progress as well in your Teacher dashboard. I have just started using it and have found that the students really enjoy the challenge of working through the levels to improve their accuracy and speed.

I must stress that it’s important to emphasise that accuracy first, and not speed, is what matters. Make sure the students know to use the right fingers and aim for being accurate in what they type. Speed will come with time and practice.

Check it out and see if your students will use it. I have started using it for all my CAT students and it is going well so far!

You can start here –> http://www.typingweb.com/teacherportal

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