Lots of resources added!

I have added a whole bunch of resources that I have created and that other teachers have so generously shared with Tech Teachers. The willingness of teachers to share what they have created is what makes this web site so powerful and usable for hundreds of teachers across South Africa.

Please consider sharing your work with others, it benefits ALL teachers as a whole and empowers, sharpens skills and assists beginner teachers to become better teachers too!

You can UPLOAD your resources here –>

CAT resources

  • cat_gr10_teorietoets_termyn1_2015_duplessis
  • cat-gr10-cycle-test-term-1-2015_haupt
  • cat-grade-10-practical-test-term-1-2015_haupt_marshman
  • CAT_GR11_CYCLE-TEST-TERM1_2015_haupt
  • CAT_GR11_TEST_SO-Mod1-2_Term1_MHAINS
  • GR12_PAT_2015_CPattle

The file names should assist you in finding their locations, you can also sort the windows by date modified.

IT resources

  • Delphi class IT test by Matt Hains
  • Grade 10 Mid-Year Practical exam

Below are the screenshots of where the files are.

screenshot_Tue_Mar_10_17.44.46 screenshot_Tue_Mar_10_17.46.34

All these files are accessible for members in the Resources section.


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