How to make an Excel worksheet VERY hidden!

Excel-iconI often use Excel to create interactive quizzes and tests that mark themselves. The thing is, however, one needs to have the answers available in the same workbook that the student is accessing and protecting the data from prying eyes becomes an important aspect!

Being able to hide worksheets is very easy in Excel but your students will quickly figure out how to unhide them! The next step is obviously password-protecting your worksheets but this can become cumbersome and time-consuming. Another way, that most students will not know, is to hide the worksheet that it does not even display when one right-clicks a tab to unhide something.

(See screenshots below)

Step 1

Click the Developer tab in your ribbon. Then click the Visual Basic option.

Step 2

Identify the worksheet to be hidden by clicking on it (see screenshot). You will see the properties window beneath.

Step 3

Change the ‘Visible‘ option to ‘xlSheetVeryHidden‘. The worksheet is now completely invisible and will not appear when someone clicks ‘Unhide‘ in the worksheet tab context menu.

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