How to make a self-marking quiz in Excel

Here is a quick way to set some basic tests/quizzes that mark themselves using Microsoft Excel. It’s a time-saver when using simple multiple-choice quizzes or easy-to-select responses. Although this is nowhere near the usability of Flubaroo, it’s great for teachers who might not have access to online resources.

I have made the Workbook available for website members to download below. Feel free to use and modify as you see fit. I have also uploaded this to the Resources section for Tech Teachers members as well.

Members can download the PowerPoint file (used in the movie above) and the Excel workbook using the link below.

Download now


  1. Hi
    I had fun doing the self marking Excel quiz; my way is usually much more tedious. However, I found, while using the Data Validation, that I had to put semi-colons between the A,B,C,D options instead of commas for the list to work. I’m using 2010. I don’t know why sometimes I have to put semi-colons instead of commas in some functions, but maybe some other users out there also will have to use that option. I find it with Nested IFs, especially.

    Odette Schlumpf

    • Hi there, that is related to the Location/Regional settings in Windows. Some regions like UK or US use ; when we use , etc. Check that and you will see what I mean.