Master the Green Screen: A Hands-On Workshop

A common question I get after I’ve done an online presentation is almost always “How did you put yourself in front of your content like that?”. And I’m not talking about MS Teams or other softwares’ blur background feature, which is far from perfect. I am talking about a proper green screen effect, with a real green screen!

Here is a sample of what they are referring to:

These are from some of my videos on my YouTube channel for my students :

I learned this skill during the lockdown of schools when the Covid pandemic arrived in South Africa and have been using it ever since for all my video content and live engagements. I thought it’s time to share this with other teachers. I will be running a hands-on workshop for teachers wanting to learn more about presenting content and levelling up their ‘online teaching’ game with the use of green screens and software!

Learn how to use software and green/blue screen effects effectively. Get experience using streaming/recording software. Find out how to present content in an engaging manner, online.

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