Matthew Hains a finalist in the CoZa Cares/ISPA Superteacher competition

trophy-iconEarlier this year I entered the CoZa Cares/ISPA Superteacher 2015 competition. I have been notified that I have been chosen as one of the ten finalists! I am very honoured and excited just to have made it this far. The process has been a great learning one for me. I have been inspired with many more ideas that I hope to implement in the future.

About the competition

The ISPA SuperTeacher Competition is an annual competition sponsored by the Internet Service Providers’ Association. The Competition is managed by CoZa Cares Foundation, an NGO based in Midrand in Gauteng.

This prestigious Competition has a proud history going back to 2001. This was the year ISPA launched the Competition, in association with their Train the Teacher ICT Project.

The ISPA SuperTeacher Competition gives teachers an opportunity to showcase their skills in using Information Communication Technologies (ICT) to improve the educational environment, either within the context of their school or their community.

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About CoZa Cares

CoZa Cares Foundation is a non-profit company in Johannesburg. Originally the CSI arm of UniForum SA, in 2013, CoZa Cares transformed into an independent entity the CoZa Cares Foundation.

The focus of CoZa Cares Foundation’s work continues to be on enabling ICT environments in under-resourced South African schools, through collaboration and partnerships.

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My sincere gratitude towards all my C.A.T. and I.T. colleagues who are members of this web site and the Facebook group and who contribute their content, their ideas and suggestions and, more importantly, their time and resources. Without you this web site would not exist in the capacity it does today.


  1. Awesome Matt! You have made such a huge contribution to IT and CAT teaching in South Africa.