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I have the wonderful opportunity and privilege of travelling to Tampa, Florida next week to be a part of the InSITE 2015: Informing Science + IT Education Conference.

I will be presenting the research undertaken by Bertie Buitendag and Frederik Hattingh from the Tshwane University of Technology entitled : Towards the Realization of the ICT Education Living Lab – The Success Story

It is with humility that I undertake this journey as Tech Teachers (the web site and Facebook group) has depended upon teachers, not just me, for its success. I feel that I rather go as a representation of all CAT and IT teachers in South Africa instead of just myself.

About the Informing Science Institute

“The Informing Science Institute (ISI), founded in 1998, is a global community of academics shaping the future of informing science. Submitting or publishing papers in any of ISI’s peer-reviewed online academic journals is free. With the help of sponsoring institutions, ISI now hosts the highly regarded InSITE conference in a variety of international locations twice a year. ISI electronic publications and e-books are available for free. Hard copies of ISI books and publications are available in the ISI Shop, where all proceeds enable ISI to continue sharing knowledge online free of charge.”
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Towards the Realization of the ICT Education Living Lab
– The Success Story

“This paper presents the success story of the intuitive vision of an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) high school educator in South Africa. The growth and evolution of a Community of Practice towards a full-fledged living lab is investigated. A grounded theory study analyses the living lab concept and highlights some of the current challenges secondary high school ICT education face within the South African educational landscape. Some of the concepts, ideas, best practices, and lessons learned in the establishment and running of two web based technologies to support secondary school ICT subjects is discussed. The researchers present a motivation for the use of living labs to address some of the issues identified and highlights how the existing platforms fits into bigger design.”
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My utmost thanks and appreciation go to the following people:

Bertie Buitendag and the Tshwane University of Technology. Bertie has done most of the work with Frederik Hattingh, I really cannot take much credit! The University has sponsored the costs of the registration for the conference.

Sandra Jacobs and Study Opportunities for sponsoring my flights to get to the USA – what a gracious sponsor indeed!


If you would like to read the research undertaken and the documentation around it, feel free to download a PDF copy of the research below.

Download the Research Read my trip feedback post


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