Minecraft Computer world update

After much testing and trying out the Computer World I created in Minecraft for my students. I quickly realised where the faults lay in my design and flow of information. I have built a whole bunch of new structures in addition to existing structures (screenshots below) to aid the flow and dissemination of information and also segmenting the areas off with specially designed mazes that allow learners through if they have paid attention and explored each area fully!


Make sure you are familiar with Minecraft and running it in classroom mode.
The game mode should be set to Adventure. Immutable should be enabled. Disable flying! You can also give them each a minecart or two.
Students require a Portfolio, a camera and a Writeable notebook.

See screenshots of the settings below. 


Important co-ordinates

Spawn point   30   4   -240
Keyboard   92   4   133
Mouse   81   4   339
System Unit   339   4   578
RAM 340   4   534
CPU  415   4   639
Monitor  729  4  378
Audio  1108   4   448
Microphone  949   4   -78
Printer    972  -357
Router  935   -779
End of journey   192   22   -238
Student building area   215   4   -190


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